‘Alolan Raichu Box’ Product Image!

We now have an exclusive image of the “Alolan Raichu Box,” the European version of the “Alolan Raichu Figure Collection.” Both will release on October 6th.

The product image reveals Alolan Raichu is a reprint of the one from the Sun & Moon Trainer Kit, but with brand new artwork. They’re saving Alolan Raichu for a proper GX card, but still want to market it (hence these cards).

As posted before, the European “Alolan Raichu Box” comes with a foil promo of Alolan Raichu, a jumbo version of the same card, three booster packs, and a PTCGO code card.

The American “Alolan Raichu Figure Collection” comes with an Alolan Raichu figurine instead of a jumbo card as well as one more booster pack. We should have the American product image soon.