Holo Zygarde Promo at Gamestop for ‘Forbidden Light!’

Starting next week, Gamestop stores will be giving out a galaxy holo Zygarde from Forbidden Light with a special “Legendary Pokemon” stamp. The Zygarde was originally a non-holo rare in the set. The promotion is to celebrate the release of Forbidden Light, which hits store shelves this week.

Gamestop did the same thing for Ultra Prism with Heatran, although the promo had the set name in the corner rather than the “Legendary Pokemon” stamp. Officially you must spend $25 on Pokemon TCG products to receive the promo, but some stores just hand them out willy-nilly.

As for Europe, according to a distributor e-mail sent out this morning, the same promo will be made available to retailers, although no distribution instructions were provided. Presumably stores will give out the promo to celebrate the Zygarde video game distribution in June, which is why Pokemon printed the promo with the “Legendary Pokemon” stamp rather than the set’s stamp.

Thanks goes to Jeff W. for the news!