Zekrom-GX Promo at Upcoming Gym Tournaments!

In July, those who purchase a booster box of SM7a Thunderclap Spark from Japan’s Gym tournaments will receive a holo Zekrom-GX promo. It will be a Dragon-type. This will be the first Pokemon-GX for Zekrom.

In Japan, Pokemon always sends stores a promo card to give out when customers purchase a set’s booster box. These promos feature alternate artwork of a card from the set. However, since this Zekrom-GX is exclusively being given out for booster box purchases at tournaments — and no box promo has ever been a Pokemon-GX — it’s possible this Zekrom-GX is a special additional promo for the set. In other words, there may still be a regular promo card that regular stores will give out to customers who purchase a booster box.

Thunderclap Spark releases in Japan on July 6th and features Zeraora-GX and other fast Pokemon-GX. Thanks goes to Bangiras for the information!