Heatran Promo Giveaway at Gamestop!

Gamestop stores are giving away a holo Heatran promo with the purchase of $25 of Pokemon TCG products.

Unlike the in-set version, the promo is printed on galaxy holofoil and has an Ultra Prism stamp on the artwork, just like a prerelease promo.

The promotion starts today and will last only through February 28th. Call your Gamestop before going to confirm.

The promo could either be celebrating this year’s “Year of Legendary Pokemon” promotion or it could be celebrating the release of Ultra Prism. If this is for the Legendary Pokemon promotion, we might see more stamped promos throughout the year. If it’s for the release of the set, this might mean Gamestop will now be giving out a stamped set promo upon the release of each new set, like Toys R Us.

Don’t forget to get your Piplup promo tomorrow from Toys R Us! Just don’t get it from my store, they always have a shortage! :p

Thanks goes to TWGaming for the photo!