Cyrus Prism Star Likely to be Corrected in Future Print Runs!

After receiving an errata, has updated their card image of Cyrus Prism Star to use the correct text (first image below). This likely means they’ve planned future print runs of Ultra Prism that will fix the card’s text.

Some cards with mistranslations, like Galvantula from Steam Siege, never received new prints because the errors were discovered too late. As such, the images for these cards were never updated on because there would never be a new print run with the corrected text.

Other cards with mistranslations, like Electrode from Evolutions, were corrected on and were then printed with the correct text in later print runs. This is why I think Cyrus will get a new print at some point.

Depending on when Pokemon does another print run of Ultra Prism, either the old Cyrus could be rarer or the new one could be. We don’t know yet.

Thanks goes to PokeBeach member Mr. Rhyperior for noticing the corrected card image!