More Set Info for XY11 ‘Steam Siege!’

Steam Siege

As posted before, Steam Siege is America’s XY11 set and will be released on August 3rd. It’ll feature Volcanion-EX, Gardevoir-EX, shiny M Gardevoir-EX, Magearna, Xerneas BREAK, and Yveltal BREAK. In Japan, it will be released on June 17th as Cruel Traitor and Explosive Fighter.

We have now learned the English set will have 110 cards. In terms of the new dual-type mechanic, there will only be eight dual-type Pokemon in the set (and many of them will be Shiny-colored).

The EX to Pokemon BREAK ratio will reverse in this set, as there will only be six Pokemon-EX but seven Pokemon BREAK. Two of the Pokemon-EX will be Mega Evolutions. This will be the most Pokemon BREAK released in a set so far and probably the least amount of Pokemon-EX released in a main set in a while.

We also have images of the set’s Collector’s Album and a teaser for its blue-colored Elite Trainer Box. Each album holds 60 cards and retails for $4.99. The set’s three-pack pin blister will come with a pin of either shiny Mega Gardevoir or Volcanion.

Steam Siege Collector's Album Steam Siege Elite Trainer Box