Magearna and Volcanion-EX in New Blister Pack!

Volcanion EX Jumbo PackJapanese fans will be able to purchase a new Volcanion and Magearna TCG product on August 5th named: “XY BREAK: Special Jumbo Card Pack Volcanion-EX.”

The package will feature a jumbo Volcanion-EX card and a regular-sized Magearna promo. It will also come with at least two booster packs of June 17th’s XY11 Explosive Fighter / Cruel Traitor and at least two booster packs of July 16th’s CP5 Mythical / Legendary Dream Holo Collection. The product advertisement doesn’t tell us how many booster packs will come in the product, so I’m only guessing the amount.

The package will retail for 1,389 yen.

Volcanion may be a reprint of the one we’ll undoubtedly get in XY11, perhaps with alternate artwork. Japan rarely gets jumbo cards in merchandise, so this is quite the occasion.

This is the first news of a Magearna card in the TCG. Since a Magearna card will be coming out ahead of its generation, Pokemon Card Laboratory will probably make it an owner’s Pokemon, as they’ve always done with all Pokemon released before their generation. For example, they’ve released “LaRousse’s Munchlax” and “Aura’s Lucario ex,” so we might get something like “Azoth’s Magearna” in this product. I’ve never understood why they do that, but it’s their thang, so yeah.