Spring 2016 Tins Images!

Spring 2016 Tins Mewtwo Machamp Shiny Gyarados

As I reported last month, the spring 2016 tins will be named the “Triple Power Tins” and will feature reprints of Mewtwo-EX, Machamp-EX, or shiny Gyarados-EX. Each will also come with four booster packs and a code card to unlock a playable deck in PTCGO.

Mewtwo-EX comes from this blister pack that was released in Japan in November. It’s a reprint of the Mewtwo-EX with Shatter Shot. The other Mewtwo-EX was also reprinted in that blister pack, but I don’t know how we’ll get it in America, if at all.

The tins will hit store shelves “by” March 8th. Thanks goes to Pierre and our French friends at Pokecardex for finding the above image!