New ‘Break Evolution Box’ in January!

Now we know where some of those excess Pokemon BREAK will go!

In January, a new “Break Evolution Box” will be released in America and will come with three new Pokemon BREAK promos, one jumbo BREAK card, five booster packs, and a PTCGO code card. It will apparently retail for $39.99.

Pokemon BREAK from Japan that do not have a known English release yet include Beheeyem BREAK, Golduck BREAK, Luxray BREAK, and Empoleon BREAK. I’m guessing that since Empoleon is the newest of the bunch and also the second Water-type from the group, we’ll get Beeheyem, Golduck, and Luxray in the box. Or maybe Empoleon over Golduck since it’s probably more marketable? Who knows?

Like other products available next year, we do not have an image for it yet, just the description.