All Pokemon Movies Coming to Blu-Ray in Japan!

On November 28th, a new “Pikachu the Movie Premium Box Set” will be released in Japan containing the first thirteen Pokemon movies – from Mewtwo Strikes Back to Zoroark: Master of Illusions – all remastered in high-definition for the first time! The entire set will cost 38,640 yen ($485) and also includes five of the movie shorts. The two Victini movies will not be included since they were already released on Blu-Ray last year.

America already has a few of the Pokemon movies on Blu-Ray, but since many of the films have distribution rights with different companies, it’s unlikely we’ll ever get the same sort of box set. Pokemon movie releases in Japan have included the English dub before, so there’s a possibility this box set may too. If so, it may be the only way to watch all the Pokemon movies in English and HD if you’re the kind of fan who fancies that sort of thing (I am! :p).