Latios / Latias and Deoxys Movies to be Released on Blu-Ray in America

According to a listing on, the world’s first Pokemon Blu-Ray discs will be available on May 15th with the re-releases of Pokemon Heroes and Destiny Deoxys in America. The movies will be featured in their original widescreen format and will presumably come together in a two-disc package. This release follows a February announcement by Miramax and Echo Bridge to release several Pokemon titles on Blu-Ray.

As a side note, the releases will not just use up-scaled video – they will be actual high definition prints straight from Japan. As we know from the English high definition re-releases of the Lugia and Entei movies on iTunes a while ago and from a few TV broadcasts in both Japan and America, high definition prints of all the Pokemon movies do in fact exist (spare maybe Mewtwo, though it shouldn’t be too hard for them to transfer it over anyways). So we might be able to expect other Pokemon movie Blu-Rays to follow suit depending on the success of this first combo (and it’s a smart combo – pairing the terrible, terrible Deoxys movie that no lover of movies would ever buy on its own with the awesomeness that is the Latios and Latias movie :p).