‘Dragons Exalted’ Giratina-EX, Rayquaza-EX, and Garchomp Revealed!

Update (8:00 PM) – We have received word that the theme decks below use the wrong card images – they will contain the other Garchomp and Hydreigon from BW5.

High quality images of Rayquaza-EX (#85/124), Garchomp (#90), Giratina-EX (#92), and Dragons Exalted‘s theme decks and booster packs have been revealed! The Garchomp theme deck is named DragonSpeed while the Hydreigon theme deck is named DragonSnarl. The set will hit store shelves August 15th and is based on Japan’s BW5 Dragon Blade / Dragon Blast set.

Rayquaza-EX from Dragons Exalted Garchomp from Dragons Exalted Giratina-EX from Dragons Exalted DragonSpeed Theme Deck from Dragons Exalted DragonSnarl Theme Deck from Dragons Exalted Dragons Exalted Booster Pack - Rayquaza Dragons Exalted Booster Pack - Giratina Dragons Exalted Booster Pack - Gyarados Dragons Exalted Booster Pack - Terrakion