Updated – ‘Black’ and ‘White’ Sales Deals

Update #3 (11:00 AM) – Just got back from Toys R Us: they are also giving out mini 8.5×11 posters with each game. Each poster features stickers of its main Legendary and the game logo. | Update #2 (10:00 AM) – Just called Toys R Us: if you do the buy one, get one half-off deal, you get one Legendary Kit for free. So, the two deals are stackable, meaning Toys R Us is the best place to buy both games together today. | Update #1 (10:00 AM) – Thanks to Steve R., we now have a photo of the Target art portfolio. It’s basically high-quality prints of Black and White Ken Sugimori artwork and other game artwork.

Black and White were first announced on April 8th, 2010 on the Japanese Pokemon website, and now, eleven months later, they’re already here in America! Now that preorder sales are over, many stores are offering new deals when you purchase the games. As of now, it looks like buying from either Toys R Us or K-Mart yields the best price if ordering two, though Target is offering something special as well.

  • Amazon.com: Buy for $30, which is $5 cheaper than other stores.
  • Best Buy: Buy for $35, get a $5 gift card to Best Buy.
  • Gamestop: Buy one (or if you preordered one), get the Pokemon Black and White Prima Strategy Guide for 20% off.
  • K-Mart: Buy Black from March 6th to 12th, get White for half off. Buy the DSi bundle, get any other Pokemon game for free.
  • Target: Buy one today, get a thick Black and White art book for free (contents unknown, but very limited quantities per store).
  • Toys R Us: Buy any DS game today and get another half off (including Black and White). Buy Black or White today, get a Legendary Kit for free (if buying two games with the first deal, you get one kit). You also get an 8.5×11 poster with each game you purchase: one features stickers of Reshiram and the Pokemon Black logo while the other features stickers of Zekrom and the Pokemon White logo.
  • Wal-Mart: Purchase one, get the Pokemon Black and White Prima Strategy Guide for 25% off.