‘Pokemon Black’ and ‘Pokemon White’ Announced as the 5th Generation Games!

The fifth generation Pokemon games were literally just announced on the official Pokemon website, and we translated the information within only a few seconds – they will be named Pokemon Black and Pokemon White! The two games will be released in the fall for the Nintendo DS and new information about them will be released on April 15th on their new official website. However, Pokemon Sunday and CoroCoro magazine will likely have information regarding them later this week, which we will post as soon as we get. This is so exciting!!

Looking at a Japanese trademark database, the names were first requested to be trademarks on April 10th, 2009 along with a few other colors that have not been used yet (like Grey, Crimson, and Scarlet). Why choose black and white though? Why a return to colors… why basic colors? Maybe the games take place in the past? Maybe the colors have nothing to do with anything? We’ll find out all the basic info soon, so be sure to keep checking back!

Pokemon Black and Pokemon White - the 5th generation games!