First Game Screenshots of ‘Pokemon Black’ and ‘Pokemon White’ in ‘CoroCoro’

Update (4:30 PM) – Pokemon Sunday literally just finished airing in Japan – it only revealed the names of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White. They then stated that on next week’s show, they will show images from the two games, though they will probably just be the same ones from CoroCoro (which isn’t officially released until Thursday). It doesn’t look like we’ll be getting anything new for now.

The first CoroCoro magazine scans have been leaked on to the Internet, revealing game screenshots of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White. The magazine dedicated two pages to the news, both of which are below along with close-up images of some of their sections; click them for larger images.

The female character is wearing a pink and white hat, pink clothing, and has a ponytail; the male character is wearing blue clothing, has bushy hair, and is apparently wearing the same hat, but turned backwards. Judging by the screenshot where the clerk is talking to the female player in the Pokemon Center’s Poke Mart, it appears that characters will now speak through speech bubbles. In terms of graphics, the battle system seems to have been overhauled, showing the full back sprite of Zoroark instead of just its upper body. Next to the screenshot where the male character is standing on the bridge, CoroCoro mentions that players will be able to ride a never-before-seen vehicle. There appears to be some sort of car next to the bridge, so perhaps it is the vehicle in question. Other than this blurb, CoroCoro does not reveal anything significant about the games other than the obvious fact that they will rely more heavily on 3D graphics, as seen in the various terrains.

It might just be the scans, but it looks like the nurse at the Pokemon Center has brown hair. Either Nurse Joy is trying a new style or she’s simply not Nurse Joy, which could mean we are far, far away from the past four regions (where the Joys have not reproduced like bunnies and invaded). The PC inside the Pokemon Center seems pretty retro too – it uses a CRT monitor rather than the modern LCD screens the modern, real-world uses and that the past few games have used. Different time, different place? And then there’s black and white, old “colors.” I could be looking too much into all of this, though. :D

Pokemon Sunday will announce the games on their show tomorrow morning in Japan, which is actually this afternoon in U.S. time. When they do, we’ll post all the information they reveal, so be sure to check back here later today!

Pokemon Black and White in CoroCoro Magazine - page 1 Pokemon Black and White - the Pokemon Center with a Mart inside Pokemon Black and White - a city with the Pokemon Center at the base of a building Pokemon Black and White - the starting town and a bridge Pokemon Black and White - a cave Pokemon Black and White in CoroCoro Magazine - page 2 Pokemon Black and White - Zoroark and Zorua