‘Black’ and ‘White’ Guide Available in Regular and Collector’s Editions

The official Black and White strategy guide by Prima will come in two editions this time around: a regular edition ($19.99, 256 pages, paperback) and a collector’s edition ($29.99, 336 pages, hardcover). (Both are way cheaper on Amazon.) The collector’s addition will be printed in hardcover with a detachable lenticular piece that shifts between Reshiram and Zekrom; this guide will also feature an Unova Pokedex section that the regular edition does not have. Both guides will be released on March 6th, the launch date for the games. A product description and images of the guides are below.

Black and White Regular Edition Black and White Collector's Edition
  • Full walkthrough with maps! Each game area will be comprehensively covered with maps, screens, and text!
  • Complete main game coverage – Every part of the main game is detailed!
  • Pokémon form changes plus special evolutions section!
  • Map Poster! – A double sided mini-poster with the area map and a type match-up chart!