‘Black’ and ‘White’ Preorder Sales in the U.S. at 0.76 Million

Six weeks before their United States launch, Black and White have already sold 759,252 units according to VGChartz. At this rate, the games will most likely reach over a million preorders a month before their March 6th launch date. Here’s what VGChartz has to say about the sales:

Pokémon Black/White Version (DS) pre-orders continues to outperform every other game by a significant amount, as it adds 155,000 pre-orders this week down from 208,000 last week. The game currently sits at a total of 759,000 and is six weeks away from launch. It is currently the most pre-ordered game in America and it beats the next closest game by a margin of 4 to 1.

Note that Black and White aren’t just the most preordered DS games in America, but the most preordered “games” period. In August, the games became the fastest-selling DS games in history, reaching a million preorders a month before their Japanese release. Later, the games hit another milestone, selling over five million copies in Japan only 17 weeks into their launch. And “Pokemon’s dead” my donkey! (Hey, why isn’t there a donkey Pokemon yet? Add that to the list along with a dolphin.)