Eight New Pokemon Revealed on ‘Oha Suta’

Update #2 – Okay, NOW the video should be working. Sorry for the craziness. There was a server problem apparently. | Update: Looks like the server died while I was trying to upload the video, but it should work now. I had the video ready to upload a minute after the show aired, but alas… :(

My second Pokemon assignment in Japan! Oha Suta, a Japanese variety showed, just showed an extended version of the Black and White trailer that aired on yesterday’s Pokemon Sunday episode. In it, they revealed eight new Pokemon. The video of the advertisement is below, which I recorded myself on my camera. :D Screenshots of the new Pokemon are below the video as well.

  • The first four new Pokemon revealed (from left to right) are Ononokusu (オノノクス), Doryuuzu (ドリュウズ), Desukaan (デスカーン), and Denchura (デンチュラ); they are in the first screenshot below. Doryuuzu’s name derives from “mole,” Desukaan’s comes from “death” and “coffin,” and Denchura’s name contains the words “electric” and “tarantula.” Guess it’s an Electric tarantula. We’re not sure about Ononokusu’s name, though it seems to derive from “fear.”
  • Three unnamed Pokemon were also revealed, shown in the second screenshot below.
  • Moguryuu (モグリュー), whose back we see in the third screenshot on the farthest right, is the pre-evolution of the mole Pokemon Doryuuzu.
  • The video reveals that Black and White will feature triple battles, as the rumors we posted a while ago stated. First double, now triple!
  • New attacks are “Grass Mixer,” which Tsutaaja used against Mijumaru in yesterday’s video, and “Drill Liner,” which Doryuuzu uses.
  • In addition to “Fight,” “Run,” and “Pokemon,” there is a new menu option called “Shooter.” We don’t know what this is yet (do we get guns now? :D). Oddly, “Bag” is missing in the clip they show.
  • “White High-Link” is some sort of link to the Internet where you can change your Trainer’s avatar. Before the scene in the video is shown, there is a gathering of other Trainers, so it may have to do with online or wireless multiplaying.
  • The “Pokemon Global Link” is the service that allows you to connect Black and White to your computer to upload the save file.
  • Ononokusu, Doryuuzu, Desukaan, and Denchura New 5th Generation Pokemon on Oha Suta New Pokemon on Oha Suta