Download Ash’s Pikachu at McDonalds in Japan

Starting July 15th, players in Japan will be able to download Ash’s Pikachu through DS Zones at McDonalds and via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The Pikachu is the video game rendition of Ash’s Pikachu from the animé. You can see the event’s ad below (from 2ch). I looked at nine McDonalds in three different parts of Tokyo over the past three days but could not find the ad anywhere. Perhaps it was leaked early?

According to rumors floating around on 2ch, the Pikachu is male, is holding a Light Ball, knows Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Iron Tail, and Volt Tackle, and its OT is Satoshi (Ash). We will confirm or deny this information on July 15th.

Ash's Pikachu at McDonalds