New Pokemon on ‘Pokemon Sunday’ This Week; ‘Black’ and ‘White’ Rumors

Finals… week… almost… over… just… Espanol… left…

TV Tokyo just updated the summary for this week’s Pokemon Sunday episode, adding, “More new Pokemon!?” They usually post a generic summary of Pokemon Sunday episodes a week in advance, then update it the week leading up to the episode’s premiere. The show airs Saturday afternoon in U.S. time, so be sure to check back here for whatever new Pokemon they reveal! It’ll probably just be silhouettes, like all fifth generation Pokemon that have been revealed on the show thus far. Thanks go to Yaminokame for the translation.

In related news, rumors have been circulating on Japanese forum 2ch concerning the contents of this month’s CoroCoro magazine. Last month, rumors of the magazine’s contents also circulated a few days before the scans were leaked, and many of them turned out to be true. Current rumors hold that Black and White‘s professor is female and named Araragi, that the evil team is named Team Plasma, that there will be triple battles, that there are around 150 new Pokemon, and that the silhouettes of the region’s legendary trio look like cotton, a dog, and a bipedal animal. Remember how we posted the three starter Pokemon’s names before they were ever officially confirmed? The source we used also has this information, so it may turn out to be true. Other completely unconfirmed rumors floating around are that the plot doesn’t involve collecting eight badges, that the main character knows how to excavate ruins, and that the protagonist’s father is an explorer. And according to the interwebz, Reshiram is Ice / Dragon and Zekrom is Electric / Dragon, and the two can change types during battle. Remember, these are obviously just rumors for now, but they are interesting nevertheless! Thanks go to DorianBlack for these translations. We’ll find out the truth within the next few days when scans of the magazine leak, possibly even as early as tomorrow morning.