New ‘Black’ and ‘White’ Footage and Movie 13 Trailer on Advertisement DVD

Update (8:30 PM) –, the online website for Famitsu magazine, has posted a couple of new B/W screenshots. They don’t reveal anything new.

It was so hot and humid here today… wet butt cracks galore! It’s actually Monday night now, but back in California it’s Sunday morning. Since the site is setup to use California’s time, the news posts will not display what time I posted these stories while in Japan.

My first Pokemon assignment on this trip! I heard there was a free DVD for rent at Tsutaya stores, Japan’s version of Blockbuster, which contains new footage from Black and White and The Ruler of Illusions: Zoroark. I went on the hunt for the store today and found it right away; all I had to do was ask for “Pokemon Zoroark DVD,” present my passport, setup an account, and I was out of the store within minutes. Since it’s a free DVD and a special Pokemon Sunday episode (which is basically just an advertisement for Pokemon), I assume the Pokemon Company doesn’t mind me posting a portion of it (unless they hate free advertising / money / pleasing their fans). Both the game footage and movie 13 trailer are below; they’re large in size, so you might want to hit play, hit pause, let them download to your computer, then hit play again once they’re finished so they don’t play and stop continuously.