May’s English Set: ‘HS – Unleashed’

Next Pokemon TCG set: HS - Unleashed

The next English set will be named HS – Unleashed (short for HeartGold & SoulSilver – Unleashed) and appears to be our English equivalent of Revived Legends. Based on the product description below, it looks like we’ll get the set’s three LEGEND Pokemon as well as its six Pokemon Prime cards Tyranitar, Steelix, Kingdra, Lanturn, Houndoom, and Scizor. Since Shaymin and Jirachi are also mentioned below, we can assume some cards from the Expert Deck Leafeon vs. Metagross package will make their way into the set as well. However, since our set will have around 90 cards, there will definitely be some cuts; the original set and its theme decks amounted to over 100 cards. HS – Unleashed will be released on May 12th, meaning prereleases take place the first and second weekends of May.

Unlike what we previously predicted, it seems that the majority of the Battle Starter Decks, Expert Deck Leafeon vs. Metagross package, Lost Link mini-set, and cut cards from LEGEND: HeartGold & SoulSilver Collection (and Revived Legends) will actually be our third HGSS set in August. Sorry to those of you who wanted Pokemon Prime Ursaring and Crobat sooner!

Raikou… Entei… Suicune… Alone, each of these Legendary Pokemon is a force to be reckoned with, but let loose in pairs, they become amazing LEGEND cards! In the HS – Unleashed expansion, you’ll find Pokemon Prime bursting at the seams, powerful Pokemon like Jirachi and Shaymin raring to join the battle, and Pokemon LEGENDs joining forces for twice the excitement! Are you a powerful enough Trainer to command what’s been unleashed? No, you’re not, so don’t even attempt to approach this set. (Just kidding!)

With new Pokemon Prime, new Trainer cards, and amazing new Pokemon LEGEND cards, the Pokemon TCG: HS – Unleashed expansion will give players everything they need to unleash the powers of some of the most powerful Pokemon ever!

  • Three new Pokemon LEGEND cards, each with two Pokemon!
  • Six new Pokemon Prime cards!
  • Theme decks built around the popular Tyranitar and Steelix [note: just like the Japanese set!]
  • Exciting holographic parallel set for players and collectors alike
  • Over 90 cards in all!
  • Release Date: May 12, 2010