New ‘The Ruler of Illusions: Zoroark’ Trailer

The Japanese show Oha Suta just revealed a new The Ruler of Illusions: Zoroark trailer. A low-quality video of the trailer is below and was posted earlier, but you can now watch a much better one at Feel free to discuss the trailer in this forum thread! More information will be revealed this weekend on the Pokemon movie website and we’ll post translations as soon as that happens.

Zorua wakes up to a flash of light – Celebi is time-traveling to the future! We see an Entei shooting fire at people in a city’s restaurant, Suicune drowning a street, and Raikou casting lightning. There is also an airship with what appears to be the movie villain inside. A herd of Ninjask, possibly the villain’s, chases Celebi through the city. But then Zorua, who one of the villain’s henchmen knows by name, appears to everyone’s surprise (perhaps it jumped in after Celebi) and calls out to Zoroark. Disguised as an Entei, Zoroark runs out from behind a tree toward Ash and crew and changes into Suicune, then into Raikou, and then into an evil, laughing Ash – it is the master of illusion! It reverts to its true form and jumps for Celebi, who is floating next to our heroes.

Translation of the narration by Yaminokame: “Raikou, Entei and Suicune suddenly show up in Crown City! There is a mysterious man who controls the three beasts. What is Celebi’s secret that is still unknown…!?” I bet the beasts aren’t real, that the bad guy is Zoroark’s trainer and he is using the Pokemon’s ability to terrorize the city, and that Zorua is Zoroark from the past. And then maybe Ho-Oh will show up to save the day. :D