Regionals Tomorrow!


Regionals are tomorrow! Even if you have to bring a theme deck, you should still attend! Since all Regionals are on the same day, POP is able to see how many Pokemon players are out there. The more players that show up, the more benefits we get in the future!

Make sure you fill out your deck list before attending the tournament to avoid any trouble. SteveP’s program allows you to easily generate your deck list without making any errors.

For more information on Regionals events, click here. If you want to find one near you (there are 15 in the United States), click here. The Southern California one is on the Queen Mary! How cool is that?! Who wouldn’t want to play Pokemon on a ship? Maybe an evil organization will board the ship, they’ll try to steal all of our Pokemon cards, the ship will sink in the ensuing battle, we’ll have to escape from underwater, and we’ll end up on some island with robots! (Japan?)