“Related Pokemon” Quiz

Thanks goes to our Xous for drawing Arceus and its Judgment for the banner! We have a future professional artist on our hands!

Last week’s quiz asked, “Which of the following groups of Pokémon do NOT have something famously notable in common with each other?” The answer was “Diglett, Caterpie, Shaymin, and Poliwag,” which came in first place by the voters.

  • Diglett, Caterpie, Shaymin, Poliwag (20.0%, 863 Votes) – You are supposed to think these are the world’s smallest Pokemon, but Caterpie and Poliwag do not fit into this category. The smallest Pokemon are Diglett, Natu, Azurill, Budew, Burmy, Chingling, and Shaymin, all 8 inches tall.
  • Latios, Lucario, Marowak (17.0%, 754 Votes) – All of these Pokemon have “died.” Latios and Lucario died at the end of their respective movies, while Marowak died in Red and Blue in Lavender Town at the hands of Team Rocket.
  • Lugia, Blastoise, Steelix (17.0%, 746 Votes) – These three Pokemon made up the famous “LBS” TCG deck, which could deliver 200 damage a turn.
  • The Pixies, Cresselia, Raikou, Ho-Oh, Entei, Phione, Groudon (14.0%, 626 Votes) – For one, all of these Pokemon are legendary. For two, they are all Pokemon that have not technically appeared in a movie. Entei, Groudon, and Ho-Oh weren’t real, and the rest have not appeared in a movie yet.
  • Smeargle, Beldum, Unown, Ditto (14.0%, 609 Votes) – All can only learn one move in the games.
  • Jynx, Porygon, Kadabra (8.0%, 346 Votes) – “Controversial” Pokemon. Jynx was recolored purple because someone complained that it was a Black caricature, the Porygon episode caused seizures in Japan, and Kadabra was banned from becoming a TCG card in the future because Uri Geller saw a Dark Kadabra card and took Nintendo to court over it since Kadabra was based off him. Jynx is now allowed to appear in the show, Porygon has only been in a two-second cameo since its episode aired (and its evolutions have never appeared), and Kadabra is officially “put away” for now and probably will never become a card again.
  • Scyther, Electabuzz, Hitmonchan (6.0%, 262 Votes) – They made up the famous TCG deck, Haymaker, and are secret rares in Platinum.
  • Caterpie, Pidgeotto, Pikachu, R/B Starters (5.0%, 214 Votes) – Pokemon belonging to the Twerp.