New 12th Movie Teaser Trailer with Translations has uploaded a new 12th movie trailer that aired on the Japanese TV program Oha Suta. It depicts brand new footage, though some of it has already been seen. Bangiras has translated the dialogue below. Most likely, the official Pokemon movie website will update with the trailer and new information this coming Friday.

Keep in mind that most of, if not all the footage is made exclusively for the trailer and will likely not appear in the movie. What the footage specifically depicts will probably also not appear in the movie as well. The purpose of teaser trailers is to give you a sense of what will occur. Closer to July though, new trailers will undoubtedly contain real movie scenes.

  • Narrator: Conquer… Meaning “To surpass your limitations.” The all-out war between the Pokemon called “gods” continues to escalate. Then, the form of the illusionary Pokemon Arceus appears.
  • Gishin: You’ve finally awakened?
  • Sheena: I must abate its fury!
  • Damos: Arceus has come to find this jewel.
  • Narrator: The secret behind Arceus’ rage… Also, the fate of Ash and his friends…
  • Team Rocket: No way!
  • Gishin: You won’t return this to anyone!
  • Damos: If this continues, the whole world–
  • Ash: Stop, Arceus!
  • Arceus: So, the time for judgment is here. Prepare yourselves, humans!
  • Damos & Sheena: Conquer it! The laws of time and space!
  • Narrator: This summer, all of these mysteries will be explained! The final part of the Pocket Monsters movie trilogy! Arceus: Toward a Conquered Time and Space