Quiz, Worlds 07 Mini Site, Song

Reminder: Quiz Tonight – Tonight, in the PokeBeach chat room between 6:30 and 7:00 PM (PSD, or California time), we will be conducting a Pokemon quiz covering the Anime, TCG, and games. If you want to show-off your Pokemon knowledge, feel free to participate! EDIT: Quiz over!

  • 1st: Burninating_Torchic
  • 2nd: Setherex
  • 3rd: PokemonFR

Next week’s quiz will be on Friday at 4:00 PM, PST (California time).

Worlds 2007 Mini-Site Open – The 2007 Worlds Mini-Site is now open. It will be the primary source for getting updates on people’s standings at Worlds next week, as well as other information. Good luck to all participating, and have safe flights (or submarine dives)!

Song: Darkrai Appears! – Continuing our 10th movie song downloads, today we have the music that plays when Darkrai first reveals itself in the movie. The song uses an organ and electronic synthesizers, and does not quite match the style the composer, Shinji Miyazaki, usually writes (it sounds like it might belong in the Phantom of the Opera).

Darkrai Appears!