Mystery Gifts, BRs, Redshark

The TFG report won’t be ready for a while, since people are taking pictures of their figures for me. So, that is delayed for now. Might as well post other news, instead of holding everything back (when the new layout goes up, I will be posting individual news stories, which means I will not have to hold back stories while I wait for one, since the stories will not be grouped together like currently)!

Mystery Gift Giveaways – At Worlds in Hawaii later this month, surfing Pikachu with a unique ID will be given out by Pokemon USA via Mystery Gift to people with Diamond and Pearl. If you know someone going to Worlds, be sure to send your Diamond and Pearl cartridges with them (like I will be doing)! Based on information briefly stated at Comic-Con, Darkrai is also going to be released in America “soon,” although the method by which it will be distributed is not known yet (it will probably through Mystery Gift and Wi-Fi, somehow, or perhaps an event). The plan for how to release it is not yet finalized.

Fall Battle Road Info – The fall Battle Road Tournaments will take place between September 22nd and October 14th, and each tournament will have a K-value of around 8 (which means that the current ratings system for organized play may stay in place from this season to the next, although all of the tournament’s K-values could be relatively lowered). The prize for winning a Battle Road is, yet again, a trophy card, although it could be a different version than spring’s Battle Roads tournaments. The purpose of going to a Battle Road is to increase your ranking in the TCG organized play system, so to gain more points, you should probably go to a couple!

Another Redshark Workaround – For those of you still experiencing problems with getting Redshark to run when you launch it, the Redshark [FAQ] page has been updated with another possible solution to fix the problem. Redshark is a program that allows you to practice the Pokemon TCG on the computer, similar to Apprentice in its purpose, so if you have never tried it, you are missing out!