I am going on vacation later this week for over a week, so updates may become infrequent.

Next Quest TFG Images – Our gallery for the first Pokemon Trading Figure game set, Next Quest, is now up. We have pictures of all of the figures, including Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup, which were not in the original international release of the set. I will have text spoilers of the set and a review of the game up sometime this week.

D/P Trainer Kit and M.T. Value Pack – The next Trainer Kit for teaching new players how to play the Pokemon TCG, themed after Diamond and Pearl, will contain two 30-card decks featuring a holo Manaphy and Lucario (both reprinted from Diamond and Pearl, but with different artwork), an extra booster pack, and other materials for learning how to play (damage counters, a play mat, a rule book, etc.). It will be on sale in September for, most likely, around $15.00 (click the first picture for a larger image of it). The next EX value pack will be for Mysterious Treasures, featuring two booster packs of the set, 1 EX series pack, and either a holo Cranidos or Shieldon. It will retail for around $12.00, and will also be released in September. The second thumbnail features the Shieldon promo.

Diamond and Pearl Trainer KitMysterious Treasures Value Pack

Song: The Pokemon in Godey’s Garden – Godey is the architect of the Space-Time Tower and the gardens surrounding Alamos Town in the 10th Pokemon movie, Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai, as well as the ancestor of Tonio, the scientist in the movie who discovers the abnormal space-time anomalies occurring. This song is from when Ash and crew are in one of the gardens with Alice, and the crew’s Pokemon are playing with several wild ones. The song isn’t exactly on my top 100 list, but it still has a decent melody.

The Pokemon in Godey’s Garden – 4.24 Mbs