Worlds Decks

At the time when the two great forces converge to clash among the umpteen lands, the prospicient volition of their final designs will marshal two great powers – both of a volcanic, fiery passion – both produced under the tutelage of two contenders seeking utter, fervid supremacy over each other.

The sixth one and its possessors may be reborn as the Arabian bird so often has, reclaiming what they mislaid to our home a time ago; the province of the current keepers must entail exposing the significance of such a scroll.

If this coming prognostication is not ascertained, the foemen will muster arms never previously experienced by this domain… one no alike eyes can fathom… The sixth one, in complete strategic alignment with the firedrake and bastet of no color, or, to a more destructive degree, in the exclusive solitude of only its own kind.