Scans Tomorrow, Worlds Location

No one has figured out the answer to Monday’s riddle (even though some people in Hawaii right now really should), but some forum members have posted their theories, and a few are close to understanding it. Read this forum thread if you want to find out what theories have been posted, as well as my hints. Following this message, you may be spoiled about something major, so do not read this update if you do not like TCG spoilers.

Tomorrow Night – We will have some English Mysterious Treasures scans tomorrow night! Even though the translations and Japanese scans have been on this site for several months, you will be able to view actual card scans of them in English for the first time. For Japanese spoilers of Mysterious Treasures (DP2), [click here], and to view official English images of some of the cards, [click here]. For our Japanese scans of the set, [click here]. The scans are so old that the page has the Japanese Diamond and Pearl Pokemon names on it – I do not have time to update the page tonight with the English names, so just wait until tomorrow when you can actually view some of the English scans!

A Location – Orlando looks pretty nice in the summertime, don’t you think? I just hope global warming isn’t stronger next year, and that the sun stays out all day, all summer, with no hurricanes. ;)