Mysterious Treasures Scans Delayed

I leave for my Palm Springs vacation tomorrow morning, like we have for the past 18 years! Don’t forget, the PokeBeach Pokemon quiz is tomorrow at 4 PM, PST, in the PokeBeach chat room.

Worlds Location – In case you did not understand my random comment yesterday on how Orlando is nice in the summertime (a minor riddle), Worlds is going to be in Orlando, Florida next year. Yup.

Scans Delayed – Just came home! I was out most of the day with my parents buying groceries for our vacation (which will last over a week) and helping my grandma pack at her house, so I did not have much time to edit the Mysterious Treasures scans (So far, I have around 45 holos / rares / uncommons / commons alone, but only three or four have been edited). I will try to get them up tomorrow if I have internet access where I go (which is sometimes the case, but not always). No guarantees, though – I tried my best to start them yesterday and finish them today, but that obviously did not happen, especially since I was not expecting to be out the entire day.

If I do not post an update tomorrow night at this time, it means I do not have internet at Palm Springs, so I will have to go find a Radio Shack or Circuit City at night or on Saturday morning to upload the cards (or, hopefully, I will have dial-up access, which is sometimes the case). Oh well, it’ll just be like the past three years – editing pre-release scans while on vacation, then uploading them (at least) via dial-up. Sorry for the delay, but I believe I deserve a vacation (even the preparation time), especially after this hectic school year where I barely had time to even pick my nose. Thus, I will be taking it as leisurely and carefree as possible. :D I am not going to worry about this site as much, too (only for the time I am on vacation, of course)!

Good luck to everyone playing and going to Worlds in Hawaii, and I hope some of you who are competing understand my riddle! It is okay if you do not, but at least you might see something coming that previously was not anticipated (that doesn’t necessarily mean it was unknown before, but that it will be used in a way that you may have never seen, and with people who have strong knowledge and skills with it)!