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EDIT #2: It’s Saturday night, but no one has sent me any additional scans, spare for the one scan I am about to introduce. Thanks to Brad Nelson, we know of a secret card in Mysterious Treasures, which was originally a tournament promo in Japan: Time-Space Distortion! Click the thumbnail below to view the larger scan. If you went to a pre-release today and have any cards that we do not have posted, please scan them in at 300 DPI and send them to [email protected]. Thank you!

[Image No Longer Available]

EDIT #1: Since it is now Saturday morning, I have posted the surprise accessory and promo card you receive from participating in a Mysterious Treasures pre-release. You can view the information below the scan thumbnails, but please feel free to skip the paragraph if you do not want to be spoiled!

In order to get an internet connection while on vacation, I have to stand on top of a staircase and set my laptop on a window pane. This is very comfortable! :D There are no other Wi-Fi connections inside or anywhere in my surroundings, except for this stray signal that seems to be two stories in the air, so I have to make do with whatever connections I am able to receive. I also have two other Pokemon news stories that I want to post, but since my legs are hurting and I could possibly break my neck from standing up this high, I’ll just sit at a table tomorrow, type them, then post them late at night. I already dropped my laptop once on this vacation (it was unharmed), so I really do not want to give it a second chance to turn into many pieces, like my first one. Bika bika…

45+ Mysterious Treasures Scans – As usual, we have pre-pre-release scans of the newest Pokemon Trading Card Game set, this time being Mysterious Treasures (DP 2)! Click the thumbnails below these three paragraphs to view the larger versions of each scan, and hover over the left or right when the window opens, clicking “Next” or “Previous” to scroll through the scans like a slideshow. I will try to have the normal set list with the scan links up tomorrow night (note: try).

To view the Japanese spoilers of this set, [click here]. For the Japanese scans, check our our [Mystery of the Lakes gallery]. Since we do not have all of the English card scans yet, you can simply superimpose the Japanese spoilers over the Japanese scans in your mind to create the English card! :p

If you go to a pre-release tomorrow, please show your appreciation for our hard work in bringing you these scans by sending in your own scans! :D If you have a scanner, please scan your cards in at 300 DPI in JPG form, and e-mail them to [email protected] as attachments (or displaying within the e-mail itself to make it easier for me to download them all at once). I will edit and post as many scans as I receive, if any, tomorrow night. Thank you very much!

[Images No Longer Available]

SPOILER: Do not read this if you do not want to know the surprise pre-release accessory or promo card. The pre-release promo card is Gabite, and the accessories are card sleeves, featuring Electivire, on a black sleeve with Electivire’s shadow completely yellow.

Worlds Updates – The Worlds 2007 Mini-Site was recently updated with who made it through the Last-Chance Qualifier (the Grinder), as well as other updates and fun activities for the first day (the Worlds 2006 deck puzzle has two errors in it, though: Lugia ex gives you two prizes, not one, as the puzzle assumes, and the Pidgeotto on your opponent’s Bench should actually be Pidgeot!). Tomorrow is the second day of the event, which is the first part of the main competition! The Worlds Mini-Site will have all the information you need to know on what is going on during the competition, including information on the players competing and their standings, so be sure to check it out during the day!