Worlds 07 Results

I will post more scans and news tomorrow. If you have any cards that we have not posted, feel free to scan them (at 300 DPI) and send them to [email protected]. I will also try to post the riddle “translation” tomorrow, even though it did not quite play true to what actually went on at Worlds.

Worlds 2007 LogoWorlds 2007 Results – The 2007 World Championship is now over, and the winners have been announced! It seems that this year had a wider range of countries placing higher than any previous Worlds.

Masters Division

  1. Tom Roos (Finland) (Absolutions deck)
  2. Steffen From (Denmark)
  3. Tsuguyoshi Yamato (Japan)
  4. Yuki Akimura (Japan)
  5. Go Miyamoto (Japan)

Senior Division

  1. Jeremy Scharff-Kim (United States)
  2. Akira Miyazaki (Japan)
  3. Wataru Hasegawa (Japan)
  4. Alexander DaCosta (Canada)
  5. Tomas Beltrame (Argentina)

Junior Division

  1. Jun Hasebe (Japan)
  2. Hiroki Yano (Japan)
  3. Andrew Choong (Australia)
  4. Paul Atanassov (Canada)
  5. Arnoud Van Bemmelen (Netherlands)

For a longer list of who placed in what position, you can visit the tournament results section on the Worlds mini-site. Congratulations to all competitors for both making it to Worlds and participating in one of the toughest tournaments of the year! It was definitely no easy task to even make it to Worlds, so everyone should be proud of themselves no matter what place was earned. You all are champions!

Remember, Worlds 2008 will be in Orlando, Florida! If you know you are going, start booking those airplane tickets for the best deals.