DP, Dawn, Podcast 1 Notice

Yay! First update on my new laptop! And as I said in the previous update, we would have D/P TCG English news on Monday. It’s now Monday. :p

D/P TCG Set Info and Pictures – POP has released a press release for the D/P set in America, which you can view below. Changes that have been made to the actual card format is that the font of the PokeDex information is different, the energy symbols used in the card text are now black like the Japanese cards, and some of the attack wording has been changed (such as the evolutions “under” the card). There are images that follow the press-release below, which you can click for larger images! For information on the Japanese D/P set, including the new rules of the game that will most likely go into affect in America when this set is released on May 23rd, [click here].

Pokemon TCG Diamond and Pearl

Game Summary
The next generation of Pokémon has arrived! In the new Pokémon Trading Card Game: Diamond & Pearl expansion, players will explore the never-before-seen Sinnoh region and catch over 50 brand-new Pokémon for the very first time. With new gameplay, including the exciting Pokémon LV.X that make Pokémon more powerful… new attacks… and even a new look, the Pokémon TCG: Diamond & Pearl expansion will take every Trainer to the next level! Diamond & Pearl features over 120 new cards and remains compatible with previous releases.


  • Over 50 all-new never-before-seen Diamond & Pearl Pokémon!
  • A whole new look, including cool Pokédex information!
  • An amazing new card type – Pokémon LV.X
  • Features three theme decks built around new Diamond & Pearl Pokémon, Terra Firma, Inferno Zone, and Royal Frost
  • Theme decks and booster packs go on sale in stores on May 23rd, priced at $11.99 for the theme decks and $3.79 for the booster packs
  • Each booster pack features 10 randomly inserted game cards
  • Exciting holographic parallel set for players and collectors alike
  • Over 120 cards in all!

Diamond and Pearl TCGDiamond and Pearl TCGDiamond and Pearl TCGDiamond and Pearl TCG

Diamond and Pearl TCGDiamond and Pearl TCGDiamond and Pearl TCGDiamond and Pearl TCGDiamond and Pearl TCG
Diamond and Pearl TCGDiamond and Pearl TCGDiamond and Pearl TCGDiamond and Pearl TCGDiamond and Pearl TCG

Podcast Recording on Friday – PokeBeach Podcast Episode 1 will be recorded immediately after Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea airs this Friday on Cartoon Network (it airs at 7 PM in everyone’s individual time zone), meaning that recording will begin between 9:00 and 9:30 PM (PST, or, California time). If you want to be a call-in guest, you will need a computer microphone, an account with Skype, and you will have to be in our chat room around 9:00 PM PST on Friday so that we can give you further instructions. Note that you will also need to sign-up in this story’s news thread so that we know who you are and how many people we will have. We look forward to recording this first episode, so if you want to be a part of it, now is the time to tell us!

Hikari and Shinji’s English Names – According to this character page posted by Cartoon Network, Hikari will be named Dawn in the English version of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, while Shinji will be named Paul. Dawn will follow Ash through his journey in Sinnoh (replacing May), while Paul will be the Gary-type character who is ruthless with his Pokemon and is Ash’s rival.