Next Set

We ended up buying the laptop I linked to in the previous update. It should arrive tomorrow. Expect English D/P TCG news on Monday.

Next Japanese Set – The next Japanese TCG set, which does not have a known name yet, will feature Darkrai, Dialga, and Palkia, promoting the 10th Pokemon movie. The theme decks of the set will each feature Dialga and Palkia as well. The set will be released on July 5th (four months after Mystery of the Lakes), meaning that either (a) sets are going to be released in 4-month intervals from now on instead of 3-month intervals, which accounts for the larger D/P set sizes (more cards in a set, more time between set releases), or (b) they pushed only this set back a little to be around the 10th Pokemon movie’s theatrical release, since if they followed the 3-month pattern, the set would have been released in June, which is too early to promote the movie. Thanks goes to nimonosandesu for the exclusive news!

First English Pokemon Video Ever – If you frequent any Pokemon forums, you may have already seen the below two videos posted during this past week, but if not, now is your chance! The videos below (split into two parts, but accounting for one video) is a VHS that 4Kids sent out before Pokemon aired in America to promote Pokemon (my younger brother, who discovered Pokemon before me, claims to have seen it before, but I guess I was too caught up in electricity stuff when I was little to ever watch it or care). The video presents a cast of humans who claim to be aunts, friends, cousins, and teachers of the Anime characters we all know, promoting Pokemon, mispronouncing both the names of the brand and some of the Pokemon (it also has [beta names] for several Pokemon, with the complete list of all R/B names here), and providing an embarrassing video that any fan is bound to cringe at! The second the video changes to “Aunt Hillary” is bound to make your stomach drop, especially with the way she pronounces “Pokemon” and puts down her glasses. Giovanni promoting Pokemon products also almost made me break THIS computer from my wild laughter. :p