Names, Laptop Coming

EDIT #1: The rest of the D/P English names have been revealed. You can view the names here.

Extremely long story extremely short and abridged – I have to buy a new laptop because they will not fix my old one (And I am buying it TODAY so that I do not have to wait any longer, since I need it so bad for school that I am now reduced to bringing my first, in-five-pieces-laptop, to class on a regular basis. However, I re-broke it permanently last night by flinging it off the bed in my sleep and crushing its LCD and damaging the hard drive so that it will not load, so I have no laptop period). I was thinking about this one, but am willing to see if anyone else has any other ideas or finds some great laptop that is even better. The feature I like about this laptop is that, “Protect your data: LifeSmart Technologyâ„¢ provides advanced protective features like an ultra-strong chassis, shock-absorbing (flinging it off the bed in your sleep) hard drive, air-pocket cushioning and a spill-resistant keyboard (spilling two cups of water on it) that protects your data when mishaps happen.” Please post in this thread for your opinions. :)

Four New Names – Gracias a Pokexperto, nosotros ahora tienamos (?) cuatro nueve llamos de D/P Pokemon.

[Images No Longer Available]
Magnezone / Togekiss / Bastiodon / Gastrodon

RUMORED NAMES – Someone names Secret Squirrel came into our chat room the other night and posted a list of English Pokemon names. At the time, we thought the names were made-up, but several of them have turned out to be true, which is why this list could be real (or at least some of the names). The list he posted can be seen below. Remember, this is UNCONFIRMED.

Aipom’s evolution is Ambipom
Rhydon’s evolution is Rhyperior
Magneton’s evo is Magnezone
Togekiss is Togekiss
Dusclops’s evo is Dusknoir
Nosepass’s evo is Probopass
Mikaruge is Spiritomb
Rukushio is Luxio
Rentoraa is Luxray
Fuwante is Drifloon
Zugaidosu is Cranidos
Rampard is Rampardos
Tatetops is Shieldon
Trideps is Bastiodon
Misdreavus’s evo is Mismagius
Riolu is Riolu
Gligar’s evo is Gliscor
Piloswine’s evo is Mamoswine
Yanma’s evo is Yanmega
Tangela’s evo is Tangrowth
Heatran is Heatran
Regigigas is Regigigas
Giratina is Giratina
Fione is Phione
Darkrai is Darkrai
Yuxie is Uxie
Emurit is Mespirit