Posting again so people see: From now on, I am not going to wait until the day ends to post news. I am just going to post it when I find it. So, be sure to always scroll down incase anything has been posted.

Chat Room Open! – People in the TCG community are always saying they want a chat room, so now there is one! We are now hosting one, which you can access by clicking here. To change your name, type “/nick THE NAME YOU WANT” without the “”. I will post more instructions later. Now we all have a place to talk live – right now (as of this posting), we are talking about the Nationals deck that won and what we are going to play at Worlds and in the Grinders! If you open it in Internet Explorer, click “Yes” on all of the security prompts that open. Spread the word to all of your TCG friends!

EDIT: Wow, only ten minutes after opening the chat, we have seventeen people already – famous ones at that.