From now on, I am not going to wait until the day ends to post news. I am just going to post it when I find it. So, be sure to always scroll down incase anything has been posted.

Lucario and the Mystery of Mew – Airing at Comic-Con – The movie featuring Lucario, Mew, and the Regis will be debuting in America and the world for the first time in English at the Comic-Con convention. Also at Comic-con will be a surprise special guest and people (from PUSA?) to answer our questions.

Pokémon San Diego Comic-Con- Calling all Pokémon fans! We’ve got the latest Pokémon information and all of the news on Pokémon’s 10th Anniversary. Find out about upcoming new product releases and events. Representatives will be on hand to answer your questions, and there will be a special surprise guest! Plus, win passes to attend the North American premiere of the latest Pokémon movie: Lucario & the Mystery of Mew! Space is limited, so get there early to claim your seat.

I will (hopefully) be attending Comic-con on Thursday, which is when Lucario will be debuting (not this Thursday, but in two Thursdays). If I go, I will squeeze as much info out of the representatives there about the Anime, TCG, Games, etc, and hopefully, if I am sneaky enough, I’ll be able to get a clip or two of the dubbed version of Lucario with my digi-cam (if my friend who lost it ever returns it). Stay tuned to PokeBeach! I will be attending Comic-con as a reporter.