Interview, Manaphy

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Interview with 2006 Nationals Champion – Today we have an exclusive interview with Martin Moreno, who won the Nationals tournament in America just a few days ago. In the interview, he reveals a few details about his winning Delta deck, as well as some advice for players. [Click here] to read the interview.

Rayquaza in Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea: ManaphyNew Manaphy Footage – Rayquaza? – Thanks to a heads up from, we have learned that the official Korean Pokemon movie website released a new “Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea: Manaphy” trailer recently, containing mostly previous footage from trailers we have already seen. However, the trailer revealed that Rayquaza, Emerald (the boy you play in Emerald), as well as the scientist and villains from “Raikou: Legend of Thunder,” will also be in the movie. Most likely, they will not play a major role in the film, but just be in the “World of Pokemon” intro that has been in the beginning of many of the movies, or just be an introduction to the Pokemon Ranger, Jackie (perhaps he helped to free Rayquaza from them in the past or something, and Emerald is just in the intro). To view screenshots of the trailer, click here. To view the trailer, go to the Korean website, click the link under the Perap, and then the top link that pops up. You can also view all of the movie trailers that have been released thus far on the official Japanese Pokemon movie website. You know, that pirate seems too goofy to me to be the bad guy. I think the guy next to him in the eighteenth picture is the true villain (random thought that will probably turn out to be wrong).