It’s the 4th of July at 2 in the morning. And I can hear fireworks… and sirens… Not good with all of those people losing body parts and layers of skin for playing with them incorrectly. Remember, don’t do a stupid on 4th of July (takes his own advice).

Update on Layout – I worked on adding the layout to the site all day, but still didn’t get to add it to all the pages yet. I am hoping to accomplish that before we go out to set off fireworks. So, some of the links are still messed up right now, but just hang in there for one more day. Also, please browse around some of the pages in the drop-down menu that I updated, and please report any errors you discover on our forums or via e-mail.

EX Crystal Guardians Booster Pack – Jirachi – We have obtained a pre-release product image of one of the EX Crystal Guardians booster packs, this one featuring Jirachi. Click the thumbnail below for a larger image.

Jirachi Booster Pack EX Crystal Guardians