New Layout

EDIT: You will NEVER believe this – there is not a SINGLE person on this planet that has the amount of bad luck I do. About 20 minutes ago, I went downstairs to get a washcloth to wipe off my desk, since it was sticky. My dad shouted at me from upstairs, asking where his cell phone was (he never keeps track of it), so I told him it was charging in my room. As soon as I start to wet the cloth, I hear my dad scream “Oh shoooooooot,” and I run upstairs to see my laptop SOAKED. I had moved my laptop and cup of water (among other things) on to the floor so I could wash off my desk, and he had walked into my room and knocked it right over directly on to the keyboard! I was so amazed that I started to laugh instead of get mad – how does this happen twice? Am I normal? Is there just some evil being that wants me to not have my laptop? Luckily, it was in Hibernate, so there was no electricity running through it, unlike last time. Right now, it is drying under my desk lamp, and it should be fine by the time I wake up. If not – nothing was lost, since I made a backup a week ago and I already uploaded the new layout. :p Just thought I’d share, incase I am delayed with getting scans up or something.

This is the new layout.

I have spent soooo many hours on this freakin layout. Adjusting it, fixing it, getting it to work, listening to people’s opinions. It’s taken what – 2 months? Today, I thought “I need to get this done – I am spending too much time on it. July should be for card scans, not for the new layout.” So, I decided that I wasn’t going to tweak it anymore, and decided to put it up. I haven’t added the layout to the content yet – it’s only on the main page. So, if you want to use a link that is not included in the drop-down menu above, click one of the links above (albeit the card scan pages), and you will see the old layout and the old links. I will add the layout to all of the content pages tomorrow, as well as all of the necessary links to all of our content. <— so many people are missing this sentence (EDIT)

Right now, I need your help! Please, please, please report any errors you encounter, or something that is not working. Do not tell me “CHANGE THE LAYOUT! I HATE IT!” because I won’t. I thought the layout looked weird at first, but after staring at it for like 2 months, the old layout looks ugly to me now. So, you will get used to it. Please report anything and everything in this thread on our forums. Tomorrow, everything should be working correctly, and then I can move on to the scans.

Also, Internet Explorer users cannot see the Mantine, since IE does not support it. If you are using FF/Opera/Safari/whatever, you probably will be able to see it. If you can, please ignore it. :) It’s just a placeholder for now – I still have to adjust its size and make it less pixely.