FE Translations

EDIT #3: The spoilers for the theme decks have been added to the spoiler page. I am now working on the scans and they should be up in a while.

EDIT #3: Make the scans tomorrow, again. I have to finish an essay for summer school and study for a test tomorrow. Too much work in one day! Grr!

EDIT #2: Scans tomorrow. Too busy trying to finish this layout.

EDIT: All translations have been finished by Bangiras. Click the link below to read all of them. Scans will be here in an hour or two.

Furthest Ends Translations and Scans – Bangiras has kindly translated some of the “Furthest Ends of Offense and Defense” set (not the commons and uncommons, yet). You can view the spoilers, as well as the set list, by clicking here. We may have more scans later on today, although since the set has not officially been released yet, it is doubtful. Click the thumbnails of Mew * and Charizard * to see larger scans.

Mew * Charizard *