FE Scans, Set List, Translations

Furthest Ends of Offense and Defense Rayquaza exIf today gets any hotter, I will kill someone. Not really. :p But just so that you know, it has been proven that on hot days, there is more violence and murders than on regular days, which is why the summer is the time in which there are more murders than any other time of the year. Just don’t get mad at someone on a hot day – the heat will get to you and you will do / say things you don’t mean.

Furthest Ends Scans, Translations, Set List – We now have all of the scans for the Furthest Ends of Offense and Defense! For once, I am putting the Japanese scans on an actual page, instead of in a news update where you have to go looking for them all over the place when trying to find them. You can view them by clicking here. Also, Bangiras finished the theme deck spoilers for the set, which you can view towards the bottom of the set spoilers by clicking here.

New Card Reviews – Our Strategists have recently reviewed Flygon from EX Holon Phantoms and Vileplume from the same set. Click here to view the list of articles, and click the reviews you want to read.