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Pokemon Trading Figure Game (TFG) – We have some new and official product information on the Pokemon TFG. I guess since we cover the trading card game, the trading figure game will be the new medium PokeBeach covers in the future (*thinks about galleries of the figures*). Click the thumbnails below for larger images.

The Pokemon™ Trading Figure Game lets you play with amazing new collectible figures of your favorite Pokemon characters!

Crafted by Kaiyodo, master model-makers of Japan, the Pokemon TFG:

* Includes more than 40 unique, high-quality Pokemon figures plus dynamic, rare special-treatment figures!
* Includes an exciting new spinning mechanic that adds real action to your battles!
* Is easy to learn – start playing in minutes!

The Pokemon TFG starter set comes with everything players need to get battling in exciting 6-on-6 battles!

Each starter set includes:

* 3 awesome Pokemon figures
* 1 Trainer figure
* Trainer cards to add a new level of strategy
* Challenging new 2-player arena playmats
* Special Condition effects
* Full-color rulebook

Pokemon TFG 2-figure boosters add another great way for players to collect and play more awesome Trainer cards and all of their favorite Pokemon!

Pokemon Trading Figure Game Pokemon Trading Figure Game

Pokemon JAA T-Shirt – If you participated in a Pokemon Journey Across America Tournament, you should be getting a t-shirt in the mail soon. I just received one today, and it’s pretty cool! Click the thumbnails below for larger pictures.

Pokemon Journey Across America Shirts Pokemon Journey Across America Shirts

Manyula and Manene’s English Names – We may have Manyula’s and Manene’s English names this week on PokeBeach, possibly within the next few days (might even be tomorrow if this is a perfect world). If not, the names should be revealed soon at one of the next Journey Across Americas. Stay tuned to PokeBeach for further information!