PUSA Interview

It’s coming… Saturday!

Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon Interview – My contact has sent me back another reply today after I asked him/her a few more questions. Here are some excerpts from the e-mail (I cut out a lot of it since it can’t be revealed to the public). If you guys still think I am making this up, maybe this will sway you a little. I would be such a fool to be making all of this up – I would bet my entire site’s reputation on all of this. My contact will also be sending me more revealing information about the actual special either tomorrow or Thursday that I will be allowed to post here. Luckily this time, I can actually post some proof that this person I talk to actually exists, if my word wasn’t enough to convince you before. :p

Also, does PUSA want feedback about the special? Is that the whole point of airing it?

—-Actually, the point to airing it is to give the American fanssomething special for the 10th anniversary. Think about it for a second– when has America ever aired something before Japan?

He/She does have a point. This will be the first time we actually get a special first. Funny though how its the 10th anniversary in JAPAN, but we are celebrating it here and getting the benefits of it.

1. Is “The Mastermind…” written by Americans or the Japanese? Some people have been saying that it will air in Japan soon (Pokeani).

—All Pokémon movies, shows, etc… are written and created in Japan;we just dub stuff here. —-Pokeani, through a proper translation, isactually just referring to a different special that I believe is airingin Japan later this year. They are wondering themselves (Pokeani) ifMastermind will air in Japan.

So, this right here could be giving us a hint. PokeAni apparently said something about Misty showing up in the special, and yet if it is not the same special as Mastermind, why would they bring Misty back yet again? Could it be that she will eventually be returning to the main Anime next season in Japan? Also, he/she seems to be saying that the Japanese have always/will always write the plots, and that America will have no intervention in it.

2. Who animated it? The Japanese? PUSA?

—see above

6. Is the plotline cool (Everyone always focuses on the VA thing and never the plotline)? Can you tell me any of it or at least the jist of it?

—-The plot line is actually pretty interesting. Good for a one hourspecial. There should be (cut the rest of it for exposure purposes, but he/she says the plot will be good)…

So there you have it. We will have more information either tomorrow or Thursday!