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Pokemon MOVING from the WB – Some of you probably already saw this, but if you haven’t, you can read the article below. What you probably haven’t seen is what I will say at the end of the article.

The new Kids WB! five-hour, Saturday morning block airing on CW this fall will include three new series from Warner Bros. Animation and a new group of programs that comply with the government’s children’s education initiative.

Gone will be longtime Kids WB! staples Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!, both which have been falling steadily in the ratings.

The three new series will be Legion of Super Heroes, based on the DC Comics characters, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo Get a Clue!, and Tom and Jerry Tales. The block will kick off at 7 a.m. with a “Pillow Head” hour made up of educational programming. Kids WB! will announce at a later date shows that appear in that hour. The net has tapped a kids programming media advisor to help select programs that meet the federal requirements. Kids WB! will also offer the TV premiere of Monster Allergy, a half-hour show based on the comic book series and produced by Rainbow S.r.l., but it will not be part of the Pillow Head hour.

Betsy McGowen, senior vp and general manager of Kids WB! on CW, the same position she held when the block aired on the WB, said the decision to keep the Kids WB! name after the network ceases to exist was made after surveys showed that the name scored high in recognition among kids 6-11. “With CBS changing to DIC-produced kids programming and NBC dropping Discovery on Saturday mornings, we felt it would be best to keep the name consistent,” said McGowen.

The focus of the block will be boys 6-11, but McGowen said many of the shows have elements that appeal to girls, too. The decision to drop Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! was based on soft ratings and a desire to bring in more Warner Bros. Animation shows that lets the network and the kids block more easily extend the brand with in-house digital rights. “We are still developing with outside producers, but we are working more closely with Warner Bros. Animation,” McGowen said.

McGowen said Kids WB! will not have a formal upfront sales presentation for the new fall schedule, but said that sales and programming executives have already conducted 15 presentations in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, with assorted media agencies and media executives.

On the new fall schedule, the Pillow Head hour will air from 7-8 a.m., followed by Tom and Jerry Tales at 8, Monster Allergy at 8:30 a.m., returning shows Xiaolin Showdown at 9 and Loonatics Unleashed at 9:30, Shaggy & Scooby-Doo at 10, returning Johnny Test at 10:30, Legion of Super Heroes at 11, and returning The Batman at 11:30.

Source: MediaWeek

From talking to a certain someone, I can assure you all that PUSA/PUI already knew this was coming a while ago, and that plans were already made to move the show (Heck, even Eric Stuart knew about it). I am not sure if the WB dropped the show or if PUSA wanted to move it, but from the press release above saying that Pokemon had “soft ratings,” which we all know is not true since Pokemon was one out of two of the top rated shows on the WB last time ratings were released (Xialon Showdown was tied with it for first), it would seem as if the WB is pulling a “if we can’t get the show, we’ll just bash it” maneuver. While that may or may not be true (as it is just coming from reading the press release), what is true is that Pokemon will be airing next season. It’s not a question of if or if it will not air, it’s a question of where it will air. My source should be informing me via e-mail when he/she can to tell me what is going to happen (they are not allowed to say much of anything now), so stay tuned here for more information! Hope this makes you all less panicky about the situation. And hey, if worst comes to worst and you cannot watch it wherever it airs, there’s always our weekly episodes that you can watch here (check the previous news story)! :p Remember, Pokemon moved from UPN a while ago too when it was first showing, and it still managed to live. This might even turn out to be a good thing – we could possibly be getting re-runs of episodes on an everyday basis on whichever station it decides to air on (since my source did tell me a while ago that PUSA does have rights to air the 4Kids dubbed episodes). Anyways, we’ll keep you updated here, so keep checking back for any new developments!

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