No TCG news is good news… just kidding…

More Mastermind Info – I would have put up this info last night, but my connection died as I was posting it. My source sent me all of the below info, and I may add more facts later if I get more. (EDIT: Looks like some of this info was posted on as well. They also have two more pictures.)

 • Dr. Yung, the scientist in the special, is kidnapped after he has finished developing his machine.

 • Ash, May, Brock, and Max must save him after he is taken away.

 • The purpose of the mirage machine is to resurrect extinct Pokemon, and is why it has been created.

 • The “Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon” has taken control of the machine to create Mirage Pokemon in a quest to create the ultimate Pokemon. The Mastermind believes he can create Pokemon that have no weaknesses.

 • The natural balance of the Pokemon world is being threatened.

Okay, so now we have confirmation that May, Max, and Brock are in the special, which means we will get to hear their new voices. However, a little topsy-turvey has taken place here. We originally thought Misty would be involved with Ash in the special, but it appears something might happen to her (pure speculation). In one of the pictures below (click for larger images), she appears to be falling, which could mean that she could have been kidnapped too. It’s weird how she is not mentioned as being one of the heroes trying to rescue Dr. Yung, so maybe she’s been kidnapped with him. Who knows, though – my assumption could be totally wrong. It also looks as if the special will be in wide-screen. It was in wide-screen in the commercials and it is in wide-screen in the below pictures. If Kids WB doesn’t touch the special, hopefully it will remain that way. Hopefully we will get some more information before the special, but my source is trying to keep as much of it a secret so that the plot is not spoiled to the public. Rememer, we will have the special available for viewing here on Saturday, so be sure to check back!