EX HP Theme Deck Lists, Pidgeot COTD, Mastermind Pre-Review

Nationals News – TheDarkTwins has sent us information regarding Nationals. First off, Professors in the Professor tournaments will receive an exclusive Pokemon Professor deck box. Secondly, the Nationals Promo will be Exploud. Thirdly, there is going to be a five-tournament winner pin (not sure what that means). I’ll try to get this information clarified for tomorrow’s update.

EX Holon Phantoms Theme Deck Lists – Thanks to Alchemist_Almighty, we now have both theme deck lists for EX Holon Phantoms! You can view the theme deck listings by clicking “EX Holon Phantoms” on our Theme Deck Lists page.

Pidgeot Card Review – This week our Strategists discuss Pidgeot from EX Holon Phantoms. Check our their reviews by clicking here. If you would like to become a PokeBeach Strategist, e-mail or PM me with reasons why you think you deserve to be one. As for current PokeBeach Strategists, be sure to check the Strategist forum for your next assignment.

Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon Pre-Review – It’s tomorrow, and everyone will be holding their breath as 10:00 rolls around and the characters begin to open their mouths. There is no doubt that the characters will sound different, but no matter how they sound, they will at least sound similar. It’s not like Ash is going to be replaced by some Cowboy Bebop Spike or One Piece Luffy, or that Misty’s going to be replaced by a Neon Genesis Asuka. You have to remember that the voices of most of the characters did go through many changes throughout the series. Compare “Pokemon! I Choose You” Ash with “Numero Uno Articuno” Ash, or even those two with “The Crystal Onix” Ash. All three of them sound, to a strong degree, different, so much so that when I have talked to people about the Episode 1 Ash with the Hoenn Ash, they thought they were two different voice actors (imagines as some people’s mouths drop as they read this). Misty, Brock, and Jesse aren’t much better in sounding consistent throughout the series either, and you also have to remember that both James’ and Meowth’s voice actors were changed during the course of Kanto, as well as the narrator in Hoenn (*coughforeshadownarratorreturncough*). Maybe it is time for some new voice actors – maybe something new should be tried. Yes, it will be sad to see Veronica Taylor and friends go, but that’s how life is. We can’t change who the voice actors are going to be, so we might as well accept them. Many characters on television have had their voices changed – it’s a pretty common thing that most shows have to go through with at least a few of their characters. People will adapt to the new voices, maybe not at first, but eventually once they get used to them, they will. Tomorrow, unless the voices are radically different (and I mean a Russian woman with an Amy Wong accent doing Ash), let’s just focus on the special and the gift PUSA gave to us. The special involves Mewtwo and Mew for crying out loud – it has to be good. Remember that tomorrow, if you miss the special or do not get the WB, we will have it up for you to watch!