Mastermind commentary

“We’re blasting off yet again!”

I am writing this review as the special airs. I am jumping around to each section I write as it airs, especially through the voice actors. Since I have to go somewhere right when it is done airing, I cannot spell check this. :p

Okay, first off, Dr. Yung is definately a Gameshark user.

The music is awesome! And I mean AWESOME (most is movie BGM)! It’s not like they change the music every three seconds like 4Kids used to do it. They actually run through full pieces! I seriously hope PUSA keeps this course! It was all perfect! Perfect I tell you!

The animation isn’t so great, but that’s probably because the Japanese have to animate so many other episodes and have to work on Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea that they kind of rushed through it. Since this will probably be the only American-exclusive special, I don’t see this as a future problem.

Ash: Please change his voice, PUSA. That’s all I have to say. He sounds too much like Max anyways. At least get someone not in the “biz” that we can all recognize from 4Kids shows. Get someone completely new who sounds a bit like the old one. If he does stay the same, I guess I could live with him.

Brock: His voice is too raspy. I think I could get used to him, though. I don’t care much for Brock anyways – he’s just cargo in Advanced Generation.

Jesse/James: Oh gosh, when they said the motto, I thought someone was doing a sub-par imitation of them. James needs to do his own thing and stop trying to sound like the original – it messes up the performance. Jesse is okay, but I think she should try to do her own thing too. I could definately get used to both of them – Jesse sounds much more evil and it sounds great, and James sounds like the original, not Eric Stuart, James. Jesse is an improvement in my opinion.

May: She almost sounds like the old Jesse (my brother said it before I could get it out of my mouth). o_O She sounds too old for May, too. The voice actor should make herself sound much younger and less mature if she continues doing May. If she tries to sound less young, she’ll be okay in my opinion. Maybe they could switch her with Jesse.

Max: Ugh, ditch him too. The voice actor doing Ash and Max for this episode is too… I don’t know. Just ditch him. :p

Misty: Her voice sounds almost like the original – it needs to be less soft, though. Nothing really needs to change with her, except maybe that she should show more emotion. I am sure that if Misty ever comes back, the voice actor will get much better and adapt to her extremely well. My 11 year old brother could not tell the difference, and he’s pretty smart for his age, so I don’t think the general young audience will notice much.

Meowth: Sounds just like the original. Not much to say.

The Narrator: I told you twice he would be back. ;)

Jenny: It’s the same VA as Ash and Max. She sounds okay, but the VA should not do Ash!

Joy: She’s okay. We won’t see her as much as the other character anyways.

Overall, I could live with the current voice actors. I know its their first time doing the characters, and that they will adjust. They just need to listen to some of the advice people are posting about them, and they should be fine.

LOL! The Mirage Master actually DIED! That’s a first for Pokemon.

Alright, I am going to an AP US review session now.